Types of Inhalers for You

22 Dec

It is imperative to indicate that asthma is a common lung disease that tends to affect a good number of people in the USA. It is a serious condition that might cause death. You will note that it is necessary to ensure that it is kept under control. You will get to understand more about these asthma inhalers as you keep on reading. You'll be able to get a lot of useful info.


It is necessary to mention that there is the metered dose type of inhaler. You will learn that this inhaler is quite common. You will note that the medication is usually inside a canister that is in an L-shaped mouthpiece. It will be required of you to put the mouthpiece in your mouth then push the top of the canister. There are inhalers that automatically release the medicine as you inhale. You will note that popular medicines taken through this inhaler often include Flovent and Symbicort. You will also learn of the metered dose inhaler that has a spacer. You will learn that a spacer will often make it easier to breathe in the full dose of medication. These spacers are often suitable for children or even the elderly. Such spacers can either be in-built or even just attached. You will realize that it will not be required of you to breathe fast as well as deep to take in this medication.  You'll want to know more about this now

You will also learn of the dry powder inhaler. You will learn that they will often be breath-activated. You will seldom need to push the canister down as what takes place in metered dose inhalers. You will realize that this medicine will be released in the event that you take a big and quick breath. You will realize that this type of inhalers are often in two kinds. There are those that hold up to 200 doses while others only hold a single dose for every use. A capsule will be filled for each and every use for the latter.


You will also realize that we have the nebulizer. You will be required to place a mask or even a mouthpiece on your face so that the nebulizer can release the medication. Such medication will be in the form of mist. You will learn that it is suitable for persons that are severely ill and can hardly use the inhaler. You will be required to rely on a nebulizer in the event that you need a large dose of medication. These are the types of inhalers that you have at your disposal.

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